distraction-free learning

Language learning is most effective when you get lost in the conversation. Our VR lessons allow you to enter what research describes as a “flow state”; longer engagement, high focus, and minimal anxiety.


To join our virtual reality programmes you will require a Wi-Fi connection, a pair of Oculus Quest 2 VR goggles, and if someone in the household doesn’t have one already, a Facebook account, as well as a passion to improve your English!

Oculus Quest 2 is a product that is owned by Facebook.  However, whilst you need a Facebook account to set the goggles up, you do not need this account to be active, and there is no link, once the goggles are set up, between them and the Facebook account.  For students under 13 we recommend that Facebook accounts are managed by the parent/guardian.  This gives additional security and allows the parent/guardian complete supervision and management of the hardware.

No, to access the learning platform, Immerse, you must have the Oculus Quest 2 goggles. The Immerse app is currently available to download through the Oculus Quest app store.

Our VR programmes support three levels: Low, Intermediate and Advanced. If you have any questions about your level, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you determine your level.

Your classmates will be able to see your avatar and to hear your voice. The learning platform uses avatars and you can choose your own avatar once you are signed up. Your name will be visible above your avatar when in the VR classroom so that your teacher and classmates can identify you.

No. The Oculus Quest headset is very easy to use – even more so for those with any gaming experience! We would recommend you practice using the goggles for a few days (ideally 2 or 3) before you start your course so you are familiar with them and ready to go from day one.

Yes! The hardware you will buy to improve your English language learning is truly remarkable and will open a whole new world to you and anyone else in your household who wishes to use them! You can use them to practice your English and other languages outside of your classes, explore the world, virtually ride on a rollercoaster, climb Everest or simply relax with a film, a music concert or some meditation. They are a fantastic educational tool with lots of fun games and activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Watch this video to learn how to properly setup your Quest 2 VR headset for the first time. 

  • Click this link:
  • Click “Ok”
  • Click the blue button that says “Free.” *
  • The app has been downloaded to your VR headset once the blue button shows “Purchased.”
  • Put on your Oculus Quest VR headset.
  • Click the Immerse VR app in your Oculus app menu.

*Log in to your Oculus account in your internet browser if you are not already logged in.

1. Put on your Headset
2. In the Oculus Main Menu Scene, look down to your Personal Menu Bar
3. Select the “Apps” button
4. Select the Immerse Application!

Entering your classroom
1. When it is time for your class, navigate to the door
2. Enter your 4-Digit Class Code

This code is given to you by your instructor or your administrator. If you do not know this code, contact your instructor or administrator directly.

3. Click “Join”